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Two months ago, my phone pinged with a Slack message from my boss at 6:32 pm. It read “Hey, can we hop on a call for a quick chat?”

I was out exercising that evening. After stressful months of working at a high-growth startup and being compressed into place during covid, taking walks was my go-to coping mechanism (or one of them at least).

I knew what that “quick chat” was going to be about, and I dreaded it.

My partner said, “Don’t overthink it or you’ll just suffer twice.”

An hour later, still in my gym clothes, I joined…

The days of being a TV nerd who can speak Elvish, Wookie, and a few phrases of Na’Vi are still here. And they’re not going anywhere.

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Latest movie? Watched. Latest Netflix series? Already binged. Newest anime episode? You guessed it, I watched it 2 hours after release.

Lucky for me, consuming hours of content a day is normal post-Covid. I can happily get away with 6 hours of watch time on a weeknight. Even more on a weekend.

If that sounds like a recipe for obesity and depression — it is. Conventional wisdom says we should try give up or limit our addictions. I disagree. I lean into them.

Trying to go cold-turkey on something so engrained in our lives is pointless. It’s like a smoker…

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Do you stay inside for days at a time? Spend hours staring at a computer screen? Watched so many episodes that the Netflix da-dum sound is imprinted in your brain until the end of time?

You, my friend, need to try surfing. And not the internet kind.

Why would you want to squeeze yourself into a rubber neoprene suit and jump into ferocious waves for hours at a time?

For me, it was sheer desperation. I got into a terrible habit of spending hours behind my screen for work, only to tumble exhausted onto my couch and spend hours watching…

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Aahhh golden break time. Everyone’s favorite part of the day. But are you overdoing it? Can you improve your discipline and get more from yourself?

Sitting at a computer for hours at a time is soul-destroying (not to mention really really bad for your back. But too many breaks does not a bank account make.

So how do you strike the balance?

The physical facts:

  • As my chiropractor tells me often, you need to get up and move every 30 minutes. Every hour at a bare minimum.
  • The brain is not like a computer. It gets tired depending on the type of work…

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In a parking lot, a man who would soon wash my car waited while I frantically searched for my mask. I was at the shops to buy a new medication that would, ironically, help control a panic attack. My embarrassment and overwhelm grew heavier and louder with each thud of my heart.

No matter what your own unique brand of panic attack looks like, the chemical response in your brain is the same — its fear. Some trigger has set you off into a physical fear response. …

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I was trying my best to hold back tears while talking to my best friend on the phone.

“Everything’s just so amazing.”

“The scenery is mind-blowing. It’s like something out of an anime.”

“It’s just a bit hard.” *cue tears*

Going to Japan was my life-time dream. At 25, it was my single greatest goal and achievement. I had been working towards it for years.

And here I was, sobbing on the phone like a millennial who’s been told avocados just went extinct.

What does this all have to do with lockdown?

Lockdown is weirdly similar to remote travel and work (even if you don’t have a job).

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If you’re reading this, I’m betting that you’ve looked around your makeshift home office and thought “this is sh*t”.

Despite a worldwide pandemic, remote work is still working from home. And just like working from an office — there are plenty of reasons why it sucks. Especially at first.

In between rushing for the mute button while kids launch into a Starwars battle, trying to reclaim your keyboard from your cat, and working up the energy to do at least one pushup… the light at the end of the tunnel can get pretty dim.

I’ve been doing this for 3…

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Here’s a lesson I learned from my early days as an animation student:

That extra 6 seconds it takes you to complete some annoying task adds up. Six extra seconds to click through an extra folder repeated 10 times a day turn into a full minute.

Not a big deal you think?

In two months… you’ve wasted an ENTIRE HOUR going through some stupid folder.

And that, my friends, is letting the computer use you. Not you using the computer.

This article doesn’t deal with 6-second folder structure stuff. Each of these tools and strategies will save you at least…

This is going to be an unpopular opinion. But I need to be honest and say it so here goes:

Should we really be donating all this money to Australia?

*waits for save-the-koala’s shouting to end* Man, those koalas sure are cute…

I agree, Australia is on fire. And it’s on a scale that none of us have ever seen in our lifetime. The images look worse than a world war.

Massive portions of bushland are burning. It’s killing countless animals, and so far it has destroyed 2000 homes, and 25 people have died.

The world is heartbroken. And most…

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Last night I set the intention to do deep work in the morning.

Here’s why it’s not happening.

I woke up early, had a glass of water and a coffee, journaled, and then my mother (who I’m visiting this Christmas) decided to hit one of my weakest points with a painful comment.

She said “I’ve noticed you have this bit on your stomach that bulges over your pants when you sit. Maybe you shouldn’t wear such tight pants when you work.”

As if I didn’t bloody well know. My half-anorexic teenage self squirmed. My inner mean girl reared up and…

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